With nearly 25 years of experience working behind the chair as a hair stylist, I've had the pleasure of meeting some very sweet, kind-hearted people. Unfortunately, cancer doesn't care who it attacks and  scalp conditions caused by auto-immunities certainly don't discriminate either.  With my expertise in the field of hair design I've been blessed to be able to use my skills to help both cancer patients and alopecia patients alike, look and feel  their best! 



I have known Amy for about 13 years. She has seen me, and my hair, through many ups and downs including saving me from bad color, being diagnosed with alopecia (she was the first one to alert me to a bald spot), losing my hair, purchasing and styling wigs, and my hair growing back. Throughout all of that I could always count on Amy to work miracles, not only with my hair; be it wisps or patches, but with my attitude. She found a way to make me look my very best, and feel much better than when I sat down in her chair.  Sure, she has amazing technical skills, but her talents go beyond the masterpieces she creates with her scissors. Amy is gentle, understanding, supportive and compassionate. One example is when my hair was beginning to grow back. My appointment was for her to trim my wig, and shape the little straggly strands of my hair underneath. After finishing both the wig and my hair, she excitedly said “Cindy, I think if we cut your hair short, you might have enough for a style. Are you willing?”  Of course I was! So she re-washed my hair and carefully and skillfully cut it for the second time. I left with that wig in a bag, an adorable pixie cut, a big smile and a huge dose of confidence!!!!  

Amy has been my Hair Angel in this often difficult journey, and I am forever grateful that I have her to help me navigate whatever lies ahead.  Love, love, love this woman!!!!


Fort Collins 


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Wigs and Top-pieces

Our website is still under construction.  Please check back for more information on the wigs we offer. In the meantime, check out some pics of how amazing they look!

All of the images below are actual wigs or top-pieces.