Hair loss solutions for men

Goodbye toupees.....hello hair!

If you're a guy experiencing thinning on top, or balding, there are solutions that are proven to be effective, As mentioned on the Hair Loss Prevention page of this site, adrogenetic alopecia can be prevented with proper treatment. A scalp analysis is necessary to determine if that is the cause; every scalp is different and AGA affects everyone differently. 

If scarring has begun to manifest in the follicles, unfortunately treatment is not an option. However, we offer other solutions and alternatives fully customized to each individual's needs. 

Ever thought of trying a top-piece alternative? We now offer fully integrated top-pieces for men, aka toupees.  Thankfully, with technology on our side, toupees are a thing of the past! Top-piece integrations now are night and day different from the "rugs" we saw in the 70's and 80's. Full integration pieces are worn continually. You can shampoo them, swim with them, get caught in a windstorm, you name it! No one will ever know "that's not your hair?" 

We service the hair piece in a private room so there is no exposure to the salon environment for onlookers to watch. Let's say it again..... No one will ever know.... 

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